Miercuri 18 aprilie, ora 20.00 — Cerc de lecturi feministe mixt

La urmatoarea intalnire a cercului mixt discutam doua postari scurte despre:

1. “hegemonic heterosexuality”/”the Cult Of Shitty Relationships”

This is the model of straight relationships that informs every article in “men’s magazines” and “women’s magazines”, the model that informs every “battle of the sexes” joke, every half-assed romantic comedy, (…) shit, throw a dart at the TV, it’ll hit an example.
One might say that this is just heteronormativity, but I think it’s different; it’s even more restrictive. It’s perfectly possible to say “There’s a million different ways for a man and a woman to love each other!” which is heteronormativity, but not hegemonic heterosexuality. The Cult Of Shitty Relationships defines “normal” down even further, into realms of pointless, purposeless unhappiness.

si 2. “the narrative in which men need to be domesticated by women”

de Noah Brand pe blogul No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz?.

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