Sambata 19 noiembrie, ora 16.00 – Cerc de lecturi feministe nonmixt

Pentru urmatoarea intalnire a cercului vom citi selectii (la alegere) din Bisexuality: a critical reader, coord. Merl Storr; sugestii: “Extracts from Women and Bisexuality (1993)” de Sue George, “Extract from Queer Ethics; or, the Challenge of Bisexuality to Lesbian Ethics (1992)” de Elisabeth D.Däumer, “Ambiguous Identity in an Unambiguous Sex/Gender Structure: The Case of Bisexual Women (1996)” de Amber Ault, “Extract form The Laugh of the Medusa (1975)” de Helene Cixous. Lectura suplimentara optionala: “Bisexuality does not reinforce the gender binary” de Julia Serano

In continuare, acesta este un cerc nonmixt – women and trans* only (detalii aici).

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